Support Staff

Brent Baldwin, CVT


Barbara Duggan

Boarding Supervisor

Johnna Barnas, CVT


Graduated from Bel-Rea with an AS in Applied Science.
Johnna enjoys knowing that she can help animals as well as people. She like to bike, hike and refinish furniture. Johnna also enjoys being with family, her husband, daughter, two sons and grandson. She has a dog, two cats and two ferrets.

Kelly Boyer, CVT


Sara Burdett


Sara chose this profession because she loves animals! She likes to go camping, fishing, hiking and biking with my son, Kade. She has 2 dogs; Abbie & Autumn and two cats; Chaos & Oliver.

Audra Dosien, CVT, CVT


Attended Bel-Rea, Institute and graduated 2010, with an AAS Veterinary Technology. Audra joined Seven Hills in 2016 as the purchaser, but began her career as an ER technician. When she's not at work she likes to garden, hike and spend time with her kiddos. She has two dogs Jack and Ziggy, both rescue pets.

Jeane DeStasio


Christa Fraley, CVT


Graduated from Pima Medical Institute.
Christa chose this profession to be able to make a difference in people’s and their animal companion’s lives. When not at work she like being outside, taking adventures with her dogs and playing Pod. Christa has a Great Dane named Nuvo, a new puppy Fennec, and a handful of scaly friends.

Brandon Phillips, CVT


Gerardo Sanchez


Graduated from the Community College Of Denver with AAS
Gerardo had an internship at a Veterinary Clinic in high school and loved what the veterinary technicians did. He likes to play video games, hike with his dog Spike, watch scary movies and go out with his family.