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Expert Care for Exotic Pets

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There is an increased interest these days in people keeping exotic animals as pets. A range of creatures, from snakes and lizards to birds, ferrets, hedgehogs, and other small animals, can be family pets.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic and surgical services for these pets, the veterinarians and staff at Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital are also available to help educate owners of exotic pets about proper care and the special needs many of these pets require.

Since these small pets generally do not run loose in the home but are kept in some type of special cage, it is important to provide living areas for them that are clean, are large enough to provide the space they need to remain healthy and active, and have an adequate supply of fresh water.

An exotic pet’s diet is also important, and we can advise you on what types of food are best for your particular pet. There are numerous pet food products on the market but what is good for one breed may not provide the nutrition required by your pet’s species.

Finally, we will also advise you on what signs to look for to indicate that your pet may be ill. For survival purposes in the wild, these exotic animals instinctively mask symptoms of illness so as not to appear weak and vulnerable. It is therefore very important that you learn the signs of illness and bring your pet in for treatment as soon as symptoms are observed.

We believe that all pets should receive the best care possible. To ensure this for your exotic pet, we recommend that you bring your new pet in for a checkup and instructions on how to properly care for it as soon as you acquire it.

We also recommend that you schedule an annual pet wellness visit so you and your exotic pet can then look forward to a long and happy time together.