The Importance of Periodic Pet Wellness Visits

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Veterinarians frequently only see pets for puppy or kitten exams and legally mandated immunizations. What many pet owners fail to realize is that modern veterinary science has provided tools that enable veterinarians to diagnose and treat a whole range of conditions that were previously considered to be simply declining health due to old age, with euthanasia being the only humane solution.

With regular veterinary checkups and early treatment, yesterday’s old age and end of life for a pet is now the new pet middle age, with more years of good health and activity ahead for the pet to spend together with his or her owner.

Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital encourages pet owners who are looking forward to years of healthy and active companionship with their dog or cat to give serious consideration to twice a year veterinary pet wellness checks for their pet.

The first visit each year is a health check exam and discussion of any changes in the pet’s behavior or daily routines. The second visit, occurring six months later, consists of a health check and reviews of the pet’s nutrition needs.

If your pet is due for any vaccinations, they will be administered during these twice-yearly examinations. At Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital, we follow a three-year vaccination protocol, as we do not believe in overvaccination. We ask you to complete the disease risk assessment form prior to administering any vaccinations to ensure that we are creating a specific vaccination plan customized to the needs of your pet and your lifestyle.

Our wellness plans also include a variety of early detection diagnostics, including blood work to identify metabolic problems before your pet is showing clinical signs, allowing us to take early action; fecal exams to identify internal parasites that could also potentially spread to people; and heartworm testing.

We are certain that you will find twice-yearly veterinary wellness exams for your pet to be a good investment in terms of money saved over the long run and, more importantly, in the longer and healthier life your pet can enjoy with you.