Support Staff

veterinary hospital

Tyler Appleby, CVT


Tyler graduated from Colby Community College in 2017 with an Associates of Applied Science. He chose this career because he loves animals, helping people and science. When Tyler isn't at work he plays the guitar, video games and spends time with his dog, Sugar.

Haley Nolan

Pharmacy Technician

animal clinic

Taylor Larkins


Taylor graduated from Bel-Rea with an associates degree in Animal Science. She chose this profession because she enjoys being able to keep patients and clients smiling, happy and healthy. At home she shares her time with her dog Ziggy and bunny (Netherland Dwarf), Bella.

Kacey Dugan


Breeanna Rose Spahr


Bree chose this career because she has always had a passion and love for all animals. Since she was a little kid her dream job was to be a vet. Bree loves to read and create art. She paints, draws, sculpts and makes things from paper mache. She is also an avid Move and TV watcher. She shares her time with Suzie, a red pekingese and Apollo, a chocolate lab mix.

Hailey York

CVT Supervisor

veterinary clinic

Nicole Rhodes


Nicole is a graduate of Olds College in Olds, Alberta Canada. She studied equine science with a major in western horsemanship. She joined us in November 2017. Nicole loves to help people and loves animals, which seems to be a win-win for her position here. She grew up in a 4-H household, participating in dog and horse 4-H clubs. Nicole plays video games, does strength training at the gym and is an amateur photographer. She also enjoys camping, hiking 4x4-ing and hanging out with her husband and daughter. At home Nicole cares for Nero (Nero's Celtic Fixation), AKC Doberman and her two cats, Orion and Skittles.

Felipe Carro


Felipe Joined us in January of 2018. He has a bachelors degree in Biology from Sacred Heart University. He also graduated from Bel-Rea Institute and has his AAS. Felipe chose this career because he likes to work with animals and look out for them. He has two dogs, a lab/pit mix "Rusty", and a chihuahua named "Sacha". When he's not at work, Felipe likes to read, watch TV, play tennis and enjoy the outdoors.

Desiree Orr


Desiree joined us in July of 2016. She started out as a CSR while attending Bel-Rea Institute to become a veterinary technician. Desiree completed her education, passed her VTNE and is now working for us as a Certified Veterinary Technician! She chose this career because she believes animals are what makes the world a better place and they deserve the best. Desiree likes to build things, read, hike and take road trips. She has several pets at home; Cooper a Catahoula Mix and Jasper a terrier mix. She also has two cats, Pirate and Dwight K Schrute.

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Graciela Monroy, CVA

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Graciela joined us in October 2017. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute as a veterinary assistant. She is working toward her DVM. Graciela chose this career because she's always loved animals and from a young age she knew she was going to be in this field. She has two dogs; Luna a Labrador mix, Oliver a long haired chihuahua. She also has two cats, Samira and Gigi.