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As a practice based on caring, the veterinarians and staff at Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to treating your pets with the most humane and pain-free means possible. To this end, we constantly seek new types of equipment and procedures that promise less pain and faster recoveries.

Our increasing use of veterinary laser and laparoscopic surgical procedures are examples of technologies that we have embraced to provide less pain and faster recoveries for pets requiring surgery. Epidural blocks are also routinely used for surgical procedures on the hind limbs to minimize pain and ease recovery.

Laboratory analysis, combined with radiology and other tools such as ultrasound and endoscopy, have dramatically reduced the need for exploratory veterinary surgery as a diagnostic tool for internal medicine.

In addition to continually seeking ways to reduce or eliminate pain associated with diagnosis and treatment, we also seek to improve the overall quality of life for your pet. This includes seeking new treatments for the pain associated with injury and disease. These efforts include prescribing pain medication when necessary, which reduce the pain and speed the healing of these injuries.

We want your pet to lead a normal and healthy life and our continual search for new ways to eliminate or reduce pain is one of our means of accomplishing this.