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Among the state-of-the-art tools we employ at Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital is a laparoscopic surgical unit. Laparoscopic surgery is increasingly being used in both veterinary and human medicine due to its many health and safety benefits.

As a veterinary practice that truly cares for the welfare of your pet, we like the fact that our laparoscopic unit enables us to significantly reduce both the pain and recovery time of many types of veterinary surgery.

With veterinary laparoscopic surgery, the veterinarian cuts a small incision, the size of a keyhole, through the body wall of a dog or cat. A special miniature laparoscopic camera is inserted into the hole. Real-time photo images from the camera are displayed on a monitor, allowing the veterinarian to view individual organs inside the animal.

This procedure is used for such veterinary surgeries as liver biopsies, stomach-tacking in larger dogs to prevent bloating, spaying of female dogs and cats, and intestinal biopsies. The laparoscope is also used to assist in other types of pet surgery, such as bladder surgery to remove stones and in arthroscopic surgery to confirm the presence of a torn ligament in a pet's joint.

This tool is a useful instrument in many types of exploratory surgeries, as well as a tool for photographing the appearance of certain organs or lesions for further analysis or to document for future comparison.

However, the real benefits of laparoscopic surgery are greater safety, with less pain and faster recovery for your pet.