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A veterinary intensive care unit is a section in a veterinary hospital where pets whose conditions require close observation and care are placed until they have stabilized and will be able to safely recover without being under constant observation. Pets with severe injuries or serious, life-threatening illnesses are prime examples of animals needing the services of a veterinary intensive care unit.

Post-surgical recovery is one of the more common reasons for a pet being placed in an intensive care unit. Following surgery while your pet is still anesthetized, we continue to monitor his or her vital functions as the effects of the anesthesia wear off. Depending upon the type of veterinary surgery or procedure, your pet may also require close monitoring and care for a period of time after awakening from the anesthesia. This could be either treatment for its health and/or for pain management where our professional veterinary staff takes steps to alleviate the pain following a pet’s surgery.

A pet with serious injuries or an older, senior pet with a serious illness or other medical condition may also require the constant care provided in an intensive care unit until a condition is stabilized.

Our veterinary intensive care unit is available to provide monitoring and care following emergency treatment as well.