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Veterinary radiology provides a means of obtaining views of your pet’s internal organs by using X-rays, ultrasound, and other non-invasive imaging procedures. In veterinary medicine, X-rays are used to examine and diagnose conditions inside your pet’s body that are out of sight to the veterinarian. Just as with their human owners, X-rays are used when needed in examining your pet’s teeth, chest, bone fractures, and other internal areas of your pet’s body.

In recent years, veterinarians have been following other medical professionals in switching to digital radiography, which employs digital technology to produce X-ray images. With digital X-rays, the digital image can be viewed on a computer screen rather on traditional X-ray film. This is faster because it eliminates the need to develop the film.

A digital X-ray also provides a better image quality as well as allows a radiologist to change the exposure while viewing it on a computer screen. This eliminates the need to repeat an X-ray due to poor exposure, thereby reducing your pet’s, and our staff’s, exposure to additional radiation.

With digital X-ray images ready for viewing immediately, our staff can usually interpret the results while you wait. We regularly consult with Stacy Winkelman, DVM, MS, DACVR, a radiology specialist who assists at Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital.

In the event a second opinion is needed, digital X-rays can be transmitted electronically to radiology professionals located anywhere in the country. This eliminates the time involved in sending traditional film X-ray images to outside experts via mail or courier services.