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While some pet owners may find this surprising, pets, much like people, are susceptible to allergies. It is not uncommon for pet owners to notice signs of illness in their dog or cat and bring the pet to a veterinarian for help, only to find out that the problem is an allergy and not something more serious.

While usually not serious or life threatening, allergies in dogs and cats do result in discomfort. It should also be noted that allergy-type symptoms could mimic symptoms of other more serious conditions. For this reason, a visit to your vet when your pet shows signs of any illness is a good idea. Early diagnosis and treatment of more serious conditions not only increases the likelihood of your pet being cured, but can also be less expensive than delaying treatment until the condition becomes serious and life threatening.

A common sign of an allergy condition is when a dog or cat continuously scratches, licks, bites, chews, or rubs a part of the body. Since allergic reactions can be the result of any number of factors, including ingredients in your pet's food, our veterinarians will want to run tests and discuss your pet's symptoms and their occurrence with you in order to discover the cause of your pet's allergic reactions.

Once the source of the allergy has been identified, we can recommend ways to relieve or manage the allergy so that your pet can lead a more normal life, such as changing your pet's diet in the case of food allergies.