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Dog Duds: Winter Clothes for Your Pets

But how do you know if your pet’s ready for a sweater or needs a pair of booties, and how do you know what to get so that it will fit? Never fear! Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital is here!

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Hunting Safety for Dog Owners

Autumn is just around the corner, and for many of us the change in weather means hunting season. Whether you are an avid hunter, just enjoy the outdoors, or live near a wooded area, this means you need to be taking special hunting safety precautions for yourself and your pets.

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Walking Your Dog Like a Pro

Whether you’re attempting to leash train your four-legged friend during those precious puppy stages, or bone up on the basics later in his or her adult life, most pet owners learn that dog walking takes a bit more finesse than expected.

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Parvo and Your Dog

Parvo (also known as parvovirus) is a deadly virus that strikes dogs (mostly puppies), primarily during the summer months. The good news is, parvovirus in dogs is completely preventable. However, when it comes to parvo and your dog, it is essential to understand what parvo is, where it comes from, and to keep your pet vaccinated against it.

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