The Reality of Online Pet Pharmacies

Online pet pharmacies are cropping up at a rapid rate, and why wouldn’t they? It is extremely convenient: easy online ordering, the ability to compare prices, and delivery direct to your home. It almost seems too good to be true. The reality is that while some online pet pharmacies are trustworthy resources, there are many that are not. The FDA has encouraged pet owners to make themselves aware of these risks. Please take the following into account when considering purchasing pet prescriptions outside of your veterinarian’s office:

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Rattlesnakes: Danger for Your Pet

You are out for a leisurely hike with your dog, and before you know it, he lets out a yelp while sniffing some brush. He has been bitten by a rattlesnake. Do you know what you would do?

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How Hill’s Pet Prescription Diet Can Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy

We all know that obesity has become a problem of epidemic proportions across American culture. Unfortunately, this epidemic has affected our pets as well. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of cats and dogs suffer from obesity, just as we do—and sadly the health effects of obesity on our furry friends are just as severe.

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