Of all the things we are thankful for, our precious pets should be near the top of the list. Because of this, don’t hesitate to take a few steps this year to make sure that this Thanksgiving with your pet is holiday for all of your loved ones.

Family and Friends

Some pets are more social than others, but tossing Fluffy or Fido into the car and heading to a family member’s house is probably not the best way to include him or her. Being away from home can be stressful for some pets and a Thanksgiving day celebration is sure to have many hidden pet dangers lurking.

So how can you be sure that your pet is included this holiday? There are lots of great ways to keep the spirit of the holiday alive for all.

  • For more social pets, take him or her to visit a friend or relative who may be in need of some company
  • Arrange a puppy play date with a few of your pooch’s closest pals
  • Spend some quality time brushing, playing, or just snuggling with your pet

You are your pet’s favorite person in the world, be sure to acknowledge him or her on this family-oriented day.

Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving would be complete without a feast, and it is tempting to include our furry family members in the over-indulgences of the holiday. There are plenty of great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your pet, though, without worrying about a food toxicity, digestive upset, or obesity.

When treating your pet, be sure to carefully consider any health conditions that might make you think twice before sharing. The following are some great pet-friendly Thanksgiving bites that are safe for most pets in moderation.

  • Bake up some holiday themed treats such as these Cranberry Cheese biscuits or Turkey and Sweet Potato Meatballs
  • Dogs and cats alike often enjoy a tablespoon of pumpkin puree as a treat
  • Allow pets to enjoy veggies, although be careful with any cooked in butter, oils, or with bacon
  • Merrick makes a Thanksgiving Day Dinner canned food for both dogs and cats

Fun for Thanksgiving with Your Pet

While our idea of enjoying the holiday might be chatting with relatives or plopping down in front of the football game, there are certainly ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving with your pet.

Oftentimes the autumn weather this time of year is incredible. Instead of watching the football game inside, why not have a scrimmage out in the back yard? Rover is probably an awesome receiver.

Instead of catching up with your cousin over coffee, why not take a little stroll with your pet? Getting a little exercise is a great way for all to burn off some of that stuffing.

Why not take a little drive? If your pet enjoys the car, there is no reason he or she can’t enjoy taking in the colors of the fall with you and some loved ones.

This holiday, instead of feeling guilty as you watch those sad eyes as you head out to Grandma’s house, be sure to take a little time with your pet. If you get a little creative, there are many ways that you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your pet as well. Involving them in the family, food, and fun is what it is all about. After all, who are your more thankful for than your loyal companion?